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All singular points covered

A range of modular fitted mattresses, easy to install to adapt to all situations, especially in the boiler room


Common boiler room equipment

Our mattresses effectively complete the insulation of your thermal installations.
range of fitted mattresses isolate almost all equipment and reduce single point energy losses by nearly 80%.

Suitable fitted mattresses

A range of models incorporating major technical and functional innovations: "composition" mattresses ( Topaz, Iris, Tricone ), as well as "shell" mattresses ( Saphir, Prisme and Rubis ).


The exchangers are also covered by the "dimensioned" series Crystal.


Exchangers, however more energy-consuming and paradoxically neglected equipment, find an effective solution here.


Topaz mattress


Saphir mattress


Iris mattress


Tricone mattress

One brand, one range, patented models to isolate all DNs in all situations, with only twenty references.

Range of fitted mattresses

Matheus the range which also allows the isolation of equipment trains (equipment before / after)